A Letter to My Son2 min read

As I dropped my son off at college, I had a feeling of panic.


Did I prepare him?


Did I give him what he needs to live a life worthy of who he is?


What would I have liked to have known heading into the unknown of real life? He will face uncertainties—we all do. I never want him to live the life of least resistance. I want him to lead a legendary life.




I wish the best for you.


I hope you pursue everything in your heart. It will guide you and lead you to places you could never imagine.


You must make sure that your heart is leading you and not your ability to rationalize selfish thoughts. (You can always tell if your selfishness is taking over if what you do would be destructive to you or anyone in your life.)


As you start this life in a new place around new people, I hope you keep the passion for seeing others transformed by the power of Jesus. The same passion for faith and purity I’ve seen in you from such a young age. I want the very best for you as you seek your new life.


When you face challenges with your new independence, choose intentionality and wisdom. Dreams and pursuits come with trials and take turns you never expect. Life changes quickly and hope may dissipate in the wake of others’ choices.


As I watch so many people your age aimlessly wander, I am very proud your actively pursuing the dream inside you.


Understand this: you have an internal compass inside. Listen to it. Make room for growth. Never settle for what you know today.


Love until it hurts with your heart wide open. Stay vulnerable and never live with regrets. Never let the fear of possible hurt keep you from going after what you want.


I want nothing but the best for you. Stay true to yourself and never compromise. Remember “You are His workmanship” (Eph. 2:10).


I love you and cannot wait to see where this life takes you!






I hope you’ll always choose the legendary path too. And, when you do hit rock bottom, you’ll make a comeback.
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Keith Glines
My world turned upside down and I was forced to start over. Today, I'm resolved my life is no more than a tool to show others adversity, loss, hurt or rejection mold you into what you should be. That's what led me to create a place for men to find their own purpose. I would be nothing without those experiences and the people that they have led me to. I get to do life with the Love of my life, Stephanie, who has taught me what real love looks like, my son, Austin(19), my boisterous daughters Annabelle, (17), Ava (14) and my full-of-life bonus daughter, Jane Addison (10). It's these people I owe everything to. The world needs people with the guts to make a Comeback so join me while I make mine.

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