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My world turned upside down and I was forced to start over. Today, I'm resolved my life is no more than a tool to show others adversity, loss, hurt or rejection mold you into what you should be. That's what led me to create a place for men to find their own purpose. I would be nothing without those experiences and the people that they have led me to. I get to do life with the Love of my life, Stephanie, who has taught me what real love looks like, my son, Austin(19), my boisterous daughters Annabelle, (17), Ava (14) and my full-of-life bonus daughter, Jane Addison (10). It's these people I owe everything to. The world needs people with the guts to make a Comeback so join me while I make mine.

Episode 7:Johnathan Hogan

This special episode of the Comeback Dad podcast is an exciting one.  This last week I took a trip with my friend Johnathan Hogan to Vail Co. I am not a great skier so I don’t know why in the world Johnathan asked me to join, I think it was [...]

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Episode 6: Sid Sexton

 This week I am so happy to have Sid Sexton on the Comeback Dad. Sid is a dear friend but more than that he is the quintessential example of a Comeback Dad. We sat down and discussed: kids, marriage, addiction, health, sports, and business. Sid’s tenacity for life, family [...]

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Episode 5: Daniel Bashtia

 A couple of weeks before his visit I started immersing myself in who Daniel Bashtia is. I began like I do most of my podcast researching everything the web has to offer. The more I searched the more intrigued I became. So many times I have searched and what [...]

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The Way of the Warrior

I have been an Erwin McManus fan for a long time, but after reading The Way of the Warrior: An Ancient Path to Inner Peace it confirms that he has the heartbeat of the message the world needs—precisely when we need it most. Power and love in today's standards so [...]

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Pace is everything. It sets you apart from the field in a race. It causes your heart to work as it should—or cause a heart to stop completely. And, the pace in which you live your life can determine the success—or failure—of what you're created to accomplish. Recently this hit [...]

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Circle of Life

As I ran down the hill out of control with the throttle stuck on the four-wheeler, all I can remember is yelling for my PawPaw… I spent every summer of my childhood with my grandparents, helping my grandfather on his dairy farm. Everything I know about trucks and tractors and [...]

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Building On: Generosity, Love, and Forgiveness

From the moment I launched “The Comeback Dad,” I’ve had people send messages and emails, and even stop me in the street to tell me stories of how they’ve been able to let go of the past by extending uncommon forgiveness. You see when we’ve been hurt in relationships or [...]

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Why Do We Settle

Recently, I walked into my kitchen and grabbed a K-cup, lifted the lid of my Keurig to make my morning coffee. Wait. I have a choice, I thought: make a sub-par cup of coffee to get me through the day. Or I could reach for my fresh whole coffee beans. The process [...]

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Forgiveness is a funny thing. Early on, not forgiving kept me from experiencing fulfillment. Many people live with overwhelming bitterness. Every action tainted by proving a point. To make the other person eat their words. Here's the truth: Anytime you are proving a point you hinder your healing. On September [...]

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