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I believe men who are readers are far better equipped for a comeback, today I want to share one of the many books I’ve read that have made an impact on me during my own comeback. 

In Francisco Cantú’s debut book, A Line Becomes a River: Dispatches from the Borderhe eloquently begins to unravel the idiocies of the US immigration policies and laws.

He brilliantly shows the issues and cracks in procedures on both sides of the “Wall.” From 2008 – 2012, Cantú was on the US Border Patrol. He lets you into his personal story with firsthand accounts of his time there. Then, he allows you to see his struggles once he leaves the government and moves into civilian life.

He meets an unexpected friend, José, while working at a bakery coffee shop who gets stuck in Mexico when he goes home to see his dying mother and has to watch José’s family struggle with his deportation and the stark realization they may have to live life without their loving, giving father.

His gripping chronicles—dispatches—lets you peer into the issues of immigration in a very human heartfelt way.

For me, this book gave me faces, names, and happenings that allowed me to take my small conclusion I had on the subject and put my heart into my thoughts and opinions.

Although it handles and very touchy matter, this is a must-read for everyone with questions about immigration policy and the issues the US is facing. Get ready to have your heart checked, stretched and your view may slightly shift. This book is one of best I have ever read and provoked emotions that I never expected.

Get your copy today. I promise you’ll be better for reading it. 


If you want to know more about Francisco, check him out at these links:

Francisco on the web

@_franciscocantu on Twitter

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