Pace is everything. It sets you apart from the field in a race. It causes your heart to work as it should—or cause a heart to stop completely. And, the pace in which you live your life can determine the success—or failure—of what you're created to accomplish. Recently this hit [...]

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Circle of Life

As I ran down the hill out of control with the throttle stuck on the four-wheeler, all I can remember is yelling for my PawPaw… I spent every summer of my childhood with my grandparents, helping my grandfather on his dairy farm. Everything I know about trucks and tractors and [...]

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Building On: Generosity, Love, and Forgiveness

From the moment I launched “The Comeback Dad,” I’ve had people send messages and emails, and even stop me in the street to tell me stories of how they’ve been able to let go of the past by extending uncommon forgiveness. You see when we’ve been hurt in relationships or [...]

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Why Do We Settle

Recently, I walked into my kitchen and grabbed a K-cup, lifted the lid of my Keurig to make my morning coffee. Wait. I have a choice, I thought: make a sub-par cup of coffee to get me through the day. Or I could reach for my fresh whole coffee beans. The process [...]

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Forgiveness is a funny thing. Early on, not forgiving kept me from experiencing fulfillment. Many people live with overwhelming bitterness. Every action tainted by proving a point. To make the other person eat their words. Here's the truth: Anytime you are proving a point you hinder your healing. On September [...]

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Redeeming the Day

More times than I’d like to admit, I have allowed a single negative incident affect my mindset and disrupt my entire day. It could be a conflict with another person, an internal struggle or just the challenges from everyday life. Instead, I allow an isolated occurrence lead to a “bad day.” [...]

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Meditation…it’s not what you think

There are a few things I can’t do without, one is my morning meditation. No, I don’t spend all morning in some crazy yoga pose—although I have a mean downward dog! To me, it’s not anything weird or mystical. I take 10 minutes in the morning to get in a [...]

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Creating Your Comeback Statement

I never knew I needed a comeback statement. My divorce was a defining moment for me. In a single day, everything about my life changed—my career, the place I called home, my relationship with my children.  I lived in denial of the unhappiness and toxicity while it slowly consumed my [...]

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Hovering Over the Water

Where do you go in the middle of hardships? "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters" (Genesis 1)   Don't stop reading, [...]

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A Letter to My Son

As I dropped my son off at college, I had a feeling of panic.   Did I prepare him?   Did I give him what he needs to live a life worthy of who he is?   What would I have liked to have known heading into the unknown of [...]

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