Who’s ex is worse?

When I talk to other men who have gone through a divorce the conversation quickly turns into a "who's-ex-is-worse" war. "I hate that B*^ch!" they'll say about the woman they built a life with. Sure, when my wife and I first separated, I had the same sentiment. But I decided [...]

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Clear the Noise

If someone would have told me after my divorce I needed to "be still" I would have laughed. Probably not to their face, but definitely afterward. My instinct was to hustle. Get things done. Get a new life. Not let the pain creep in too much. But honestly, learning to [...]

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It’s not a competition.

Have you ever been tempted to compete with your ex? Come on. It's just us here. You know, you pull out all the stops with your kids so that you look great and your ex feels lousy? After all, it's only fair she feels as bad about herself as she [...]

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