Episode 7:Johnathan Hogan

This special episode of the Comeback Dad podcast is an exciting one.  This last week I took a trip with my friend Johnathan Hogan to Vail Co. I am not a great skier so I don’t know why in the world Johnathan asked me to join, I think it was [...]

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Episode 6: Sid Sexton

 This week I am so happy to have Sid Sexton on the Comeback Dad. Sid is a dear friend but more than that he is the quintessential example of a Comeback Dad. We sat down and discussed: kids, marriage, addiction, health, sports, and business. Sid’s tenacity for life, family [...]

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Episode 5: Daniel Bashtia

 A couple of weeks before his visit I started immersing myself in who Daniel Bashtia is. I began like I do most of my podcast researching everything the web has to offer. The more I searched the more intrigued I became. So many times I have searched and what [...]

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Podcast Episode 2: Jack Milstead

  I want you to meet Jack Milstead. Not only does he have one of the best Cigar Shops I've ever been to, he is a wealth of knowledge not because he's always succeeded but because he's made a comeback from failure. The world labeled him as a functioning alcoholic, [...]

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