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I never knew I needed a comeback statement.

My divorce was a defining moment for me. In a single day, everything about my life changed—my career, the place I called home, my relationship with my children. 

I lived in denial of the unhappiness and toxicity while it slowly consumed my life.

I had taken on goals I never wanted and life philosophies to betray the person I was at my core. Always chasing an unsustainable lifestyle.

My 18-year marriage abruptly ended, then I found myself in a tailspin of doubt and regret.

I began self-medicating to numb the pain I was experiencing. It was a dark time. I used people and hurt them. My selfishness created wounds for myself and those around me. Above all, I compromised the future I truly wanted for myself and for my family.

As the saying goes, “Hurting people hurt people.” And that was me. Something had to give and I knew I must get my mind right to move forward. 

As I sat down to write a personal mission statement to guide me to the right place—my “Comeback Statement”—I wrote: “I live so huge and generous, others are inspired to pursue full lives for themselves.”

Crafting a personal comeback statement will help you refocus and put in place the curbs you need to keep you on track as you learn to navigate a new life. Most importantly, it will help to establish boundaries for intentional living. So your personal comeback statement needs to reflect your core values and cast a clear picture of the life you want to create.

All of my decisions—my relationships, my work, my parenting, my health—is filtered through this one guiding principle. Everything I do should bring me one step closer to the life I want to live—a life full of love, generosity. Because, I want to help others to live again. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • First, Use your internal compass to write your comeback statement. Also, be careful not to let the opinions of others or past experiences define the life you’re creating. 
  • Then, make sure this mantra allows for growth. Your statement should incubate ideas and creativity for your future. Let it serve you well today.
  • Next, write your comeback statement to share with others. You can never accomplish anything of great significance alone. So if your goal is attainable on your own, it’s not big enough. Keep in mind: your comeback statement also clarifies the people and things to cull from your life. 
  • Finally, make a contract with yourself. Print it out and sign it. Bind it in your mind. Keep it where you can see it and be reminded of the promise you’ve made to yourself. Then, don’t settle for anything less. 

So, get writing, get focused, and begin to map out your new life.

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Keith Glines
My world turned upside down and I was forced to start over. Today, I'm resolved my life is no more than a tool to show others adversity, loss, hurt or rejection mold you into what you should be. That's what led me to create a place for men to find their own purpose. I would be nothing without those experiences and the people that they have led me to. I get to do life with the Love of my life, Stephanie, who has taught me what real love looks like, my son, Austin(19), my boisterous daughters Annabelle, (17), Ava (14) and my full-of-life bonus daughter, Jane Addison (10). It's these people I owe everything to. The world needs people with the guts to make a Comeback so join me while I make mine.

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