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A couple of weeks before his visit I started immersing myself in who Daniel Bashtia is.

I began like I do most of my podcast researching everything the web has to offer. The more I searched the more intrigued I became. So many times I have searched and what I find is nothing more than research for a show but this one was different I experienced life change. I ran across Daniel’s song “Bellows of Praise” and it literally became my family’s Christmas anthem.

“All of Your love forever untamed With one final breath You vanquished my death And laid to rest all my transgressions” I realize this should probably be an Easter song but I made my Christmas this year (Give it a listen)

Then within minutes of hanging out, I began to understand how special this dude really is: Daniel has been at the pinnacle of Songwriting, he has experienced radical success all the while staying super grounded to who he is. In this episode, we talk about marriage, his struggle with Alcohol, raising kids, sobriety and how he and his wife Taylor (who by the way I have not met but her Instagram is so refreshing and honest https://www.instagram.com/taylorbashta/) are rebuilding and thriving in their new partnership together and how both of their struggles have brought them to this new enlightenment. I know you will so enjoy listening to this.

Daniel has just released a new song this month with his sister Harvest and it is amazing. Go check it out here!

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Brighter the Morning. Daniels new song 




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