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This special episode of the Comeback Dad podcast is an exciting one. 

This last week I took a trip with my friend Johnathan Hogan to Vail Co. I am not a great skier so I don’t know why in the world Johnathan asked me to join, I think it was for the levity of watching me fall down every mountain in Vail but I am so glad he did. 

Starting from the drive from Denver to Vail and the breathtaking views of seeing Elk and Buffalo on I- 70 to the incredible sights of Vail. He and I hooked up when we got back and discussed our adventure. I have literally traveled the world and to me, Vail was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. In this podcast, we talk food, skiing, how men need adventure, family, whiskey and a ton of other stuff.  

You can take this podcast and book your adventure trip to Vail and know you will have a blast. 


Ski Rental- https://www.gorsuch.com/vail-ski-cafe


http://www.gamecreekvail.com/ Oh wow, the experience just to get here is amazing you have to take a snowcat! On the menu is Wild Game of all types- The elk steak and tartar is incredible. 

Remedy Bar- https://www.fourseasons.com/vail/dining/lounges/the_remedy_bar/ you don’t want to miss this place, Steak, Burgers,  wings. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing the big screens to the fire pits make this place amazing. If you like an old fashion do not miss the Peanut butter brittle old fashion. 

Frost Barhttps://www.thesebastianvail.com/experience/frost-bar Don’t miss dessert- The DULCE CHURROS ..cinnamon sugar-dusted were amazing. 

Vendetta Vail- 

It may have been because my body was literally falling apart from tumbling down the mountain and I needed food to refresh but we ate lunch and had pizza at  https://vendettasvail.com/ it was the best I have ever had. 

Tenth Mountain Whiskey and Spirit Company https://10thwhiskey.com/ Do not miss this for a great Bourbon tasting as well. Go support these guys if for nothing else their description on their website: The patriotic men of the 10th brought diversity, courage, and hope to the Rocky Mountains when they arrived in the 1940’s to train just a few miles south of what is now Vail. 

“They were part of the greatest generation of men, wanting to make each day count and each day better than the last. The mentality they had was strong after being shaped from the rigors of mountain warfare, their ego’s humble.”

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