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Pace is everything.

It sets you apart from the field in a race. It causes your heart to work as it should—or cause a heart to stop completely.

And, the pace in which you live your life can determine the success—or failure—of what you’re created to accomplish.

Recently this hit me harder than ever.

My wife and I were in Atlanta for a show at the historic Fox Theater. After breakfast, we walked back to the hotel. She was trucking it like she was on a mission to get somewhere. I, on the other hand, was in my usual mood of feeling the wind on my face and enjoying looking at the tops of the buildings in Atlanta Midtown.

It hit me: I bet she didn’t have the same experience that I just had—which is the case most of the time in our relationship, she is the realistic, responsible one.

I will give it to her, it was a little chilly and windy, so she was ready to get inside. But the few extra minutes I took to look at the sky and experience the wind in my face gave me a perspective about our life going forward.

The perspective is this: if we take a few minutes to take in the world around us—before moving forward with our work, agendas, and philosophy—we will be able to craft a life-pace filled with the expectation of our future.  And, it will keep ups from a detour our Creator never purposed for us. 

My little walk through Midtown showed me I don’t have to run at the pace of the people around me.

Others may not mind with that pace. But I was not made for it.

It also showed me that sometimes the people around us that we lead also need us to slow down so they will enjoy the process or begin thinking about the future more clearly.

My wife had been going through something I really needed to see and draw attention to.  By slowing down and moving at my pace, I was allowed the insight into our situation.

People who are your responsibility really need you to be you.

Don’t try to be someone else, don’t try to keep up with the pace of others.

My strolling down the streets of Atlanta made her slow down too. And she needed to slow down.

Sometimes, you have to be the pacemaker Sometimes their life is out of beat and they need you alongside them changing their pace. 

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