Podcast Episode 2: Jack Milstead


I want you to meet Jack Milstead.

Not only does he have one of the best Cigar Shops I’ve ever been to, he is a wealth of knowledge not because he’s always succeeded but because he’s made a comeback from failure.

The world labeled him as a functioning alcoholic, he had two failed marriages, if you knew him back then you would have called him a wrecking ball.

But that’s not the Jack Milstead we all know today.

In this episode, we’ll talk about the mindset shift he had to make to become the leader he is today.

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Keith Glines
My world turned upside down and I was forced to start over. Today, I'm resolved my life is no more than a tool to show others adversity, loss, hurt or rejection mold you into what you should be. That's what led me to create a place for men to find their own purpose. I would be nothing without those experiences and the people that they have led me to. I get to do life with the Love of my life, Stephanie, who has taught me what real love looks like, my son, Austin(19), my boisterous daughters Annabelle, (17), Ava (14) and my full-of-life bonus daughter, Jane Addison (10). It's these people I owe everything to. The world needs people with the guts to make a Comeback so join me while I make mine.

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