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Recently, I walked into my kitchen and grabbed a K-cup, lifted the lid of my Keurig to make my morning coffee.

Wait. I have a choice, I thought: make a sub-par cup of coffee to get me through the day. Or I could reach for my fresh whole coffee beans.

The process takes 10 minutes. Boil the water. Grind beans. Add to the French press and patiently push the handle down.

It took extra time, sure. Yet, it was relaxing. Therapeutic.

It brought me joy.

So often our lives are the same way. We settle for the convenient, easy, “the way it’s always been.” But we don’t have to.

I made a pact with myself after my divorce: I will not settle.

A few weeks went by and I found myself slipping back into old habits. Trading the hard decisions for perceived comfort.

Making a cup of coffee may not sound like a big deal until you start thinking about the essential things in life. Each little decision makes up your life.

The little things matter because they turn into big things.

3 Tips to make sure you are not settling:

1. Slow down. Life is too short to rush through it.
2. Don’t miss the great things for the good things.
3. Realize how important memories are and the good memories always take time. 

After all, nothing says, “I’ve made a comeback,” like living an extraordinary life and not settling.

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Keith Glines
My world turned upside down and I was forced to start over. Today, I'm resolved my life is no more than a tool to show others adversity, loss, hurt or rejection mold you into what you should be. That's what led me to create a place for men to find their own purpose. I would be nothing without those experiences and the people that they have led me to. I get to do life with the Love of my life, Stephanie, who has taught me what real love looks like, my son, Austin(19), my boisterous daughters Annabelle, (17), Ava (14) and my full-of-life bonus daughter, Jane Addison (10). It's these people I owe everything to. The world needs people with the guts to make a Comeback so join me while I make mine.

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